"How’s The Concussion, Marie?”

People ask me all the time how I am after the accident.

"How's your head, Marie? Are you better?"

It's been 18 months.

It's a journey, it's not over.

Yes, I'm better than I was immediately after the accident.

I have Post Concussion Syndrome from a Traumatic Brain Injury- PCS from TBI.

The changes to my brain are real.

I've integrated them into my life.

They're part of my life, of my work, of me.

Today I watched a video talks about how grocery shopping is changed by TBI and PCS. It was brilliant. It described perfectly what I was going through!

“This is EXACTLY what it feels like. “ I thought. I sat down and I wrote this as I shared the video with my family and friends on social media.

There are things we can do to make it easier, compensative techniques, therapy is amazing! Occupational therapy, Physical therapy, Neuro-Ophthalmological therapy…

It's a whole new way of maneuvering through a world you thought you already knew how to navigate.

It's all good. Neuroplasticity is amazing!! If I treat myself well, sleep allot, eat well (protein, my brain wants protein!!!), meditate several times a day, exercise, take my time, and stay positive (yes, my mood matters too) I can calm down all of the sensory input and I can make it through these new mazes like a pro. By “new mazes” I mean normal life activities that used to be “no brainers”. Life is an adventure now.

It's a new normal. A new wonder-filled way to live. It’s different. Not always worse, sometimes it’s better. For one thing, memory loss makes some things new again, lol. Love that part! And being forced to slow down has distinct advantages. I always tended to see the beauty around me, but now I value it even more. While heightened senses do mean that the world is louder, it also means that colors are brighter, and I love this. I’m more sensitive, but that’s ok, I’m getting more information, and I’ve always loved information. It just takes a little longer to process. So I’m learning to be patient with myself. Good! I needed to learn to be kinder to myself!!

Who knew a hit on the head would be the key to making me slow down and smell the flowers?

link below to YouTube video : Traumatic Brain Injury : Why Grocery Shopping Now Feels Like Mission Impossible

There is a scientific explanation. Grocery shopping is an enormous challenge for those with brain injuries and concussions, and finally we have an explanation. Behavioral Optometrist, Occupational Therapist, and Neuro Rehabilitation specialist Dr. Laurie Chaikin explains why people with Traumatic Brain Injury and Concussion are challenged in visually stimulating environment.

The challenges include Visual Overwhelm Syndrome, Marketing designed to call our attention, Peripheral Vision challenges, auditory processing, and florescent lighting.

See the full 30-minute interview with Dr. Chaikin and get Nathalie Kelly, a TBI Coach and TBI / PCS patient’s special report on 3 Things Everyone with a Brain Injury Needs to Know. by clicking on the YouTube link below: