Mentoring Rates

Usui Reiki Shoden Level I Class - $175

Usui Reiki Okuden Level II Class - $295

Usui Reiki Shinpiden Level III Class - $550

Reiki III; Shinpiden Part 2: Becoming a Mentor - $300

OM Reiki IV Class - $100

One on One: Private Mindful Meditation Class - $95

Group/Semi Private Mindful Meditation Class - $75 per person (2 person minimum)

One on One: 90 minute Private Zentangle Method® For Meditation™ Class - $165*

Group Zentangle Method® For Meditation ™ Class - $55 per person* (4 person minimum)


Reiki Mentoring: One on One Reiki Healing Classes


I 've been practicing Reiki for more than 27 years and I feel passionate about teaching it.  I love to introduce people to the practice of energy balancing and the resulting healing benefits.  The first level of Reiki is easy to learn, and easy to integrate into even the busiest lifestyles.

I teach individual private Reiki Level 1 classes in Swarthmore.  I also offer Reiki Level 11,  Reiki Level 111 and Reiki Mentor training,  In addition to Reiki classes, I teach meditation techniques.  Small groups are welcomed and I encourage children to learn both Reiki and meditation.

Reiki Shoden Level 1 classes (sometimes called Reiki Level 1 or Reiki First Degree) are where everyone starts, whether you are looking for home self-care or considering becoming a Reiki professional.  The focus of Reiki Shoden (Level 1) training is daily self-practice so you can bring balance and increased wellness to your life.  As you practice self-care every day, you will also develop as a Reiki practitioner.  You will be trained and able to work on your family, friends and pets.  You will begin practicing Reiki on yourself and me during this first class.

You are welcome to take a Reiki class even if you already practice Reiki.  If you approach the class as a beginner, the experience will clarify your understanding and deepen your practice.  I also offer various Reiki continuing education classes and meditation classes for reiki students, as well as for professionals seeking Continuing Education Credits/Units (CEU's).

In preparation for your class, I encourage you to read stories and personal accounts about Reiki to learn how this form of energy work has helped people addressing a wide range of situations.  

Meditation and Zentangle Method® Mentoring: Learning to Breathe

Mindful Meditation and the Zentangle Method® are powerful tools that help restore balance and wellness for my clients and Reiki students.  Both of these practices teach the basics of yogic breathing, concentration, and focus needed to achieve a deep state of meditation.

Mindfulness Meditation is unique from other forms of meditation in that it teaches us how to be fully and attentively present in the moment. It utilizes deep breathing and specifically focus on the process of breathing and is extremely effective. Once learned, it can be used almost anytime, anywhere.

"Since 1967, over 1500 studies have been conducted by over 250 independent research institutes showing Mindfulness Meditation to be clinically effective for the management of stress, anxiety and panic, chronic pain, depression, obsessive thinking, strong emotional reactivity, and a wide array of medical and mental health related conditions." 

One of these studies was from UMass Medical School’s Center for Mindfulness Stress Reduction Program’s. They studied the medical outcomes from 15,000 patients, participating since 1979, and found “a 35% reduction in the number of medical symptoms and a 40% reduction in psychological symptoms."

"The Zentangle Method is an easy-to-learn, relaxing, and fun way to create beautiful images by drawing structured patterns. Almost anyone can use it to create beautiful images. It increases focus and creativity, provides artistic satisfaction along with an increased sense of personal well being." -

I am a Certified Zentangle Teacher (CZT) and utilize mindful breathing and yoga movements to create a truly unique meditative experience.  Absolutely NO drawing experience or "talent" is needed to create beautiful works of zen art. These classes are for clients wishing to reduce their stress levels and increase their coping mechanisms.

All classes start promptly; ending time is approximate.

Call to schedule your private class or to inquire about classes for your group.

* Includes cost of official Zentangle® Inc. supplies.