"Marie is an incredibly intuitive reiki master. I first met Marie at Wellness on Park in Swarthmore. For our first session, I had a chakra balancing and reiki healing. It was so powerful that I decided I needed to do a reiki training and learn this amazing practice. Suddenly, a family member became very ill and my husband and I decided to move to Florida to help care for her. I realized how valuable a reiki training would be especially with these new circumstances. Under incredible time restraints, Marie put together a level 1 training for me before I left. Marie is very knowledgable and very thorough with her instruction and is a wonderful mentor. I highly recommend Reiki healing sessions or trainings with Marie!!!"

-Lindsay Jamison, melbourne, fl



“My first reiki was AMAZING. I didn't really know what to expect, but it was transformational. I called it a Soul Massage. The awesomest/creepiest/wowiest part was that Marie would just put her hands on my body and was able to tell me things that were happening in my life - emotional things, things that I don't let anyone see. I felt like I was with someone who was actually seeing the true me and that the Universe, through this beautiful woman, was letting me know that it saw me, even the things I hide from everyone on the planet, and that it was time to heal them. I felt things get healed, both physically and emotionally. I'm in awe. I'm hooked. If you have ever thought about Reiki, I highly recommend you go. And if you are in the Delaware County region, Marie Simons is a MASTER at what she does. THANK YOU!!!!”

-Stacy Mascotti, Drexel Hill, PA



"Just had an incredible Reiki session with Marie. I feel so relaxed and refreshed! I highly recommend a visit to her if you've got any aches & pains, feeling icky or just need to recharge."

-Kristy Boyer Chen, Wallingford, PA




-Debbie DePietro, Ridley, PA



My little chihuahua named Brandy had an extreme bond with Marie through reiki.

In 2011 we found out Brandy had a tumor that engulfed most of her little lungs (x-rays show she was breathing through a passageway the size of an ant) her veterinarian from PA, and other vets in NV & FL, all said Brandy had no more than a few weeks left to live.  Every time her breathing problems occurred, I'd call Marie and ask for long distance reiki. Within a 1/2 hour, Brandy was renewed! Three years later she was still alive and no one could tell she was living with a tumor.  In fact, she never realized she was sick.  I believe Reiki played a big part in my baby's longer life.  

The most impressive reiki session of all time was back in March of 2011, soon after we learned of Brandy's illness.  Here is my on scene testimony:

Road-trip time! We drove through the Grand Canyon on our way to meet Marie in Las Vegas. We stopped to look around.  Brandy was so tiny (no more than 8 lbs.) that I carried her on my shoulder while we went on a walk.  When we reached the edge of the canyon she inhaled, and something happened.   I can't explain the look on her little face as she looked out.  I don't know what she saw, but she came away from this experience terrified.  She developed a screech, a loud, annoying, scary screech that yelped from her tiny body anytime we moved her!  Traveling with her became hard over the next few days because any gesture we made would make her screech so loud, it sounded as if we were killing her.  Four days later we met up with Marie in Las Vegas,  I explained to her what was going on and asked if she could meet me and then please come to our hotel room and see Brandy.  As soon as Brandy saw me enter the room, she screeched.  Marie went over and laid her hands over her.  The reiki lasted for about 15 minutes and I can honestly say that Brandy never ever screeched again.  We continued traveling throughout all the states and there was not a single screech. Thank you so much Marie!!!! You've been blessed with this incredible bundle of energy that makes those you touch better.   Love you!!! 

   -Janire Rodriguez, Celebration, FL