My mission is to share Traditional Japanese Reiki and to demonstrate, through treatments and classes, how this 100 year old Eastern method compliments modern Western medical practices.

My goals are to provide my clients with increased health and balance, to empower them to participate in their own healing by teaching them various meditative methods and the Usui Reiki method, and to educate them on the current scientific research and uses of Reiki, Meditation and Zentangle®.





Wellness On Park
100 Park Avenue | Suite 1 | Swarthmore, PA



Monday 10am - 9pm
Tuesday 10am - 9pm

Friday 10am-9pm
Saturdays 10am - 9pm

Call for other availability during the week.

También habló español.



Treatment Options & Rates

30 minutes - Mini Reiki - $50
60 minutes - Standard Reiki - $85
90 minutes - Ultra Reiki - $120

60 minutes- Guided Mindful Meditation Session - $115

90 minutes- Zentangle Method® Meditation Session - $165

30 minutes - Chakra Sound Attunement - $65
90 minutes - Reiki/Chakra Combo - $150

20 minutes - Long Distance Reiki - $45

30 minutes - Animal Reiki - $50



I am committed to providing my services at the lowest possible rate I can offer to make it accessible and affordable to anyone needing their benefits.

If my rates are too high for your budget, contact me and we will work it out.
No one will be turned away.