Everyone can benefit from Reiki. There is no age limit or requirement, babies to the elderly will benefit from it.  There is no religion involved or religious discrimination.  

Reiki can be used for general wellness as well as for specific issues.  I have had great results working with problems related to excess tension build up, chronic pain, sinusitis, and with people who suffer from chronic headaches, insomnia, and problems of fatigue.  Reiki is not intended and should not replace your standard medical care.  It should be used as another tool in your arsenal to combat illness and maintain wellbeing.

Reiki before and after chemotherapy, proton therapy, dialysis and other chemical or radiation based therapies, has helped my patients with nausea, headaches, energy levels, appetite and sleep. My hospice patients find the treatments ease their pain and soothes their nerves. It is extremely effective with children and babies, particularly those with colic.  I have also found that Reiki prior to and after surgery is of great benefit. Among the expected benefits of relaxation and balance, patients appear to heal faster and have smoother recoveries.

Reiki is very relaxing and has been extremely helpful with emotional and mental issues. In conjunction with psychiatric therapy and medication, it is very effective in easing anxiety and combating stress.  Learning Reiki is particularly helpful for people suffering from emotional problems as breathing and meditative techniques are used.